10 Practically No-Prep Indoor Activities

Hi, there! It’s a busy week and I’m here with a short post on some of the activities we’ve been doing around the home lately. The weather here has been pretty nice, but it’s just hard to get all three kids out on week nights when I’m already tried from working all day. These are great activities for when you can’t go out because of weather or when you can’t go out just because you don’t have the energy to.

1. Painting with Food 

Grab those fruit and veggies that aren’t quite bad but won’t taste too good either and dip them in some paint. Let your kids use them as stamps on paper and having a blast with the different textures and shapes.

2. Blanket Fort

Round up all your throw pillows and cartoon character blankies and make an amazing fort on top of kitchen chairs. Perfect for playing games, eating snacks, or watching a movie.

3. Make a Book 

Get some paper and some crayons. Write and illustrate a story with your kids and then read it together!

4. Dance Party 

Turn on you favorite dance songs and jump around with your kids. The bonus to this one is that it helps get their energy out!

5. Puppet Show 

Grab some stuffed animals and something to get behind. Take turns performing for each other and laughing away. For extra fun, video it so that they can watch it from a different perspective.

 6. How to Draw YouTube Tutorials 

These are so fun! You can find just about any subject your kids want to draw and the videos are even at varying age and skill levels.

 7. YouTube Yoga 

More YouTube! There are a lot of kid yoga videos. It stretches them out and entertains them! 

8. Baking 

Kids love to eat sweets and they love to make them, too. I measure everything out and then let them pour them in and stir. Depending on the ages of your kids, they could do more or less!

 9. Taste Testing – This was a fun one we did a few weeks back. We just bought small snacks from a couple of different stores and compared the tastes. We kept a tally to see which store had the better store-brand snacks.

10. Card Making 

What holiday is coming up? Doesn’t matter how insignificant of a holiday or how far away – your kids will love making cards for it! There are loads of designs and ideas for any holiday card on Pinterest, or you can just let them draw!

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